Gerald Asamoah, goodwill ambassador of the FC Schalke 04 soccer club, recommends book project „Fluchtweg Fünfundzwanzig“, supported by BKB Charity.

BKB Charity is committed to the health care of refugees and beyond that to the entire issue of the refugees and promotes the publication and distribution of the book “Fluchtweg Fünfundzwanzig”.

On January 30th, 2016 BKB Managing Director, Werner Neugebauer, hosted a Charity Dinner for the benefit of the humanitarian initiative BKB Charity.

At the spectacular premises of the traditional former Nordstern coal mine about 70 prominent guests from politics, business, sports and public life – headed up by former Federal Minister and Vice Chancellor Franz Müntefering and his wife, member of the Bundestag, Michelle Müntefering – were delighted by a diversified information and entertainment program. It was their chance to get to know the ambitious aid projects.

Some of the highlights for the palate were the exquisite 4-course-dinner prepared by Philipp Stein, Germany’s youngest star cook, as well as the chocolate candies created before the very eyes of the guests by Sabine Dubenkropp, German Chocolate Master 2015. In the informative part of the event representatives of Flüchtlingszeit e.V. introduced their current book project “Fluchtweg Fünfundzwanzig”, which was written in cooperation with BKB Charity. Gerald Asamoah, who came to Germany as a fugitive eloquently supported this project. The Charity Dinner was moderated by Manuela Strack and Dr. Björn Rodday. Both of them had been to Nepal a short while ago on behalf of BKB Charity to work on a film project about the children of Nepal after the terrible earthquake disaster. Their passionate account of the situation on the spot fascinated the audience above all. An ensemble of the Young Chamber Philharmonic Orchestra Berlin under the direction of Aurélien Bello charmed the audience as well as Philadelphia & Band who gave the first performance of her newest song “Children”, which was written and composed especially for BKB Charity and dedicated to the humanitarian initiative BKB Charity.

BKB Charity would like to thank all guests for their generous donations as well as all supporters and performers for their special commitment, which contributed significantly to the success of this wonderful evening.



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With ‚Così fan tutte’ by Mozart, the Junge Oper Rhein-Main starts into the new season and promotes BKB Charity with the full power of their voices.

The Junge Oper Rhein-Main e.V. is a non-profit association, which offers up-and-coming stage performers and orchestra musicians the opportunity to demonstrate their ability in a full-length theatrical work. This gives them the opportunity to further develop their creative potential in the field of music theatre. The ensemble consists of prospective opera singers, orchestra musicians, stage directors, conductors, dramaturgs, theater educators, set designers, costume designers and make-up artists.




Together for Nepal’s Children: From 25.08. through 29.08.2015, the first 24Hz Festival for Urban Media Art took place in Cologne. It was organized by the non-profit organization ROOTS & ROUTES Cologne e.V. in collaboration with the humanitarian initiative BKB Charity. The organizers could not have imagined a better start. More than 400 visitors came to see the opening vernissage, the kick-off for the five-day international media art festival. At the opening, Dr. Gerrit Lautner and Dr. Christian Afflerbach reported on their organization’s work and their commitment for Nepal’s children.

Ninety-five artists from nine countries, twenty-four events – the first 24Hz Festival for Urban Media Art was an unqualified success.

BKB Charity | Berlin, July 3rd, 2015: With their first public concert, the newly formed ‘Junge Kammerphilharmonie Berlin’ supports the humanitarian campaign ‘BKB Charity’. Themed ‚Our hospital helps Nepal’s children’, the BKB charity campaign aims to help the Nepalese children who were hit by a series of major earthquakes. We give material assistance and offer medical care as well as curative treatment in the BKB children’s hospital in Gelsenkirchen.

The audience in the Berlin chamber music hall experiences a fantastic first performance of the young and dedicated orchestra, which played at the highest musical level conducted by Aurélien Bello. The program includes Sergei Prokofjev, Symphony Nr. 1 D-Dur op. 25 ‚Symphonie classique“, Richard Strauss, concerto for oboe and small orchestra D-Dur as well as Ludwig van Beethoven, Symphony Nr. 7 D-Dur op. 92.

BKB Charity | Berlin, July 3rd, 2015: During the After Show Party immediately after the first public concert of the newly formed ‘Junge Kammerphilharmonie Berlin’, conductor Aurélien Bello and Dr. med. Gerrit Lautner of Bergmannsheil und Kinderklinik Buer (BKB) find the time for a first recap.

Dr. Lautner congratulates Mr. Bello on the brilliant opening concert in the chamber music hall of the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra and on the successful charity event in favor of the aid project ‘Our hospital helps Nepal’s children’. Mr. Bello, proud of the fantastic performance of the young orchestra, looks forward to many other joint activities together with the humanitarian initiative BKB Charity.

BKB Charity | Berlin, July 3rd, 2015: At the 100 m high panoramic point, with a breathtaking view on Berlin, the orchestra of the newly formed ‘Junge Kammerphilharmonie Berlin’ celebrates the success of their first concert which was enthusiastically received by the audience.

Among the many guests Dr. med. Gerrit Lautner and Dr. med. Christian Afflerbach of the Bergmannsheil und Kinderklinik Buer (BKB) use this opportunity to draw attention to the cooperation of the ‘Junge Kammerphilharmonie Berlin’ with the humanitarian initiative ‘BKB Charity’. Combined with an appeal for continued support and joint actions, Dr. Afflerbach gives an account of the current BKB aid project ‘Our hospital helps Nepal’s children’ and of his personal experiences in Nepal.

Themed ‘Together for Nepal’s Children’, BKB Charity was able to win the International Association ROOTS & ROUTES Cologne e.V. as partner for the event ‘International 24Hz Festival for Urban Media Art’. Between August 25th and 29th, 2015 the public interested in art experiences at various locations in the Southern district of Cologne the clash of media art and urban culture in the form of creative workshops, films, performances and installations of young artists beyond the boundaries of countries and art forms. The video presents the 24Hz Festival and the people behind it.

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The ‘Junge Kammerphilharmonie Berlin’ supports the humanitarian initiative BKB Charity at their opening concert on July 3, 2015. The newly formed orchestra introduces itself in their video.