A magnificent announcement! Our long-time partners and supporters of the Junge Kammerphilharmonie Berlin (JKPB) are planning something big: A concert tour through Germany and Japan – together with a first-class Japanese orchestra. The first idea originated at the Japanese Film Festival 2017 with our friends from Nippon Connection. Now the JKPB is preparing intensively for the realization of this intercultural concert project in the run-up to the Olympic Games 2020 in Tokyo. At the same time, they do not want to lose sight of the good cause and BKB charity. Thank you very much for everything – we look forward to being able to report more about it soon.



BKB Charity supports the social commitment of the dance school “Instituto Katiana Pena” in Brazil.

Bom Jardim is the name of a district marked by poverty, violence and crime on the outskirts of Fortaleza, a city of millions in northeastern Brazil. Katiana Pena and her team have been helping children and young people to escape the lack of prospects at this social hotspot for years. In the dance school of the same name, Instituto Katiana Pena, more than 500 young people are already learning to create courage and hope and to improve their living conditions in a community of art and culture. Regular trips and performances in the region create new horizons and offer the opportunity to escape from the difficult environment.

BKB Charity supports the work of Katiana Pena and plans a further future cooperation in different areas. At Christmas time, for example, BKB Charity was involved in financing food packages for needy members of the dance school whose parents have little money to support their families. The aid packages included a variety of basic foodstuffs for the joy of the children as well as Christmas treats.

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„Voices of Christmas” for BKB Charity.

With their new album “Voices of Christmas”, the a cappella band B’n’T is joining forces with BKB Charity for the first time.

Brooklyn, Bene, Simon, Moy and Tino regularly thrill audiences at their live concerts with their incredibly powerful voices and using no instruments at all. B’n’T, who come from Regensburg in Germany and are made up of former members of the Domspatzen boys’ choir, have now released their new album “Voices of Christmas”. The album features 11 songs in the band’s own unique style, including adaptations of German and English classics as well as one of their own compositions. The arrangements are diverse and exciting – from quick beats to serene solos and epic choral pieces. Anyone who is a fan of a cappella music and Christmas is sure to love this CD!

“Voices of Christmas” is the first project with which B’n’T are supporting the humanitarian and social initiative BKB Charity – a great start to a promising partnership.

Further information about B’n’T and on how to order the CD “Voices of Christmas” can be found here: www.bnt-music.de

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Pilot project in Ruanda: Bio-coal from waste.

BKB Charity is supporting a sustainable project in which coal is produced from communal waste, thereby reducing the health and ecological problems which exist in Africa.

Cooking over indoor wood fires is one of the main causes of severe and deadly respiratory illnesses. Every year in Africa, around three million hectares of endangered rainforest are cleared for the production of firewood. This is made worse by the fact that families have to spend a third of their monthly income on this fuel. Money which could otherwise be invested in education or improving the family’s standard of living.

In order to improve the dire state of these people’s health and living conditions, the student initiative Enactus Aachen e.V. from RWTH and FH Aachen has come up with a clever system called “RecyCoal”, in which a low-emission and inexpensive form of bio-coal can be produced by local people on their own initiative by applying the process of pyrolysis to previously unused biomass. Bio-coal for which no trees have to be felled.

With the financial support of BKB Charity, this promising humanitarian and ecological project has been started in Kigali, Ruanda and is soon to be extended to the rest of the country and even beyond its borders.


Pilotprojekt in Ruanda: Biokohle aus Abfällen

Pilotprojekt in Ruanda: Biokohle aus Abfällen

Pilotprojekt in Ruanda: Biokohle aus Abfällen


Further information about the RecyCoal process and Enactus e.V. can be found here:




Fish breeding project in Uganda successfully launched

With the financial support of BKB Charity, an exciting and sustainable fish breeding project has been started for the malnourished rural population in Uganda. “Samaki” (Suaheli for fish) is the name of the project developed by the Enactus Aachen e.V. student organisation at the RWTH Aachen. In a regeneratively and sustainably operated plant, a clever water cycle allows fish to be bred and salads and vegetables to be grown at the same time. The plant can be built using materials available locally and functions independently of running water and any other local infrastructure.

It has just been successfully commissioned and handed over to the village people. An abundant harvest of fish and vegetables can now be expected in a few months’ time. Further plants for the impoverished population are already in preparation.


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Our new partner SINGA Germany.

SINGA strives for an inclusive society that embraces diversity, and for an innovative economy that allows everyone, regardless of their background, to realize their professional and social potential. SINGA brings locals and people from migrant and refugee backgrounds together to engage collaboratively in social, professional and entrepreneurial projects. We are looking forward to a successful cooperation.

The first SINGA organization was founded 2012 in Paris. Since then SINGA France has successfully established an international network of engaged people. Today local SINGA organizations can be found in France, Germany, Belgium, Italy, Great Britain, Canada and Switzerland. All local organizations share common values but are tailoring their work according to local needs.

SINGA Deutschland was founded in 2016. The portfolio includes the SINGA Business Lab, Professional Mentoring, Language Café and Living Room Events.

We are looking forward to a successful cooperation.




“Das kleine Dankeschön” – The Small Thank You – is Providing Support to BKB Charity.

EUR 1 per copy sold – with its latest book project “Das kleine Dankeschön” Nassall-Verlag is supporting the humanitarian initiative BKB Charity.

“Thank you!” – one of the nicest phrases ever. We love hearing it, we love saying it and we love showing it. There are plenty of opportunities to say it in life. The book “Das kleine Dankeschön'” published by the Nassall-Verlag was written for those of us, who hold gratitude in their hearts and are looking for an alternative to the mandatory bouquet of flowers or that box of chocolates.

Beautifully illustrated and tastefully composed verses awaken a character “Small Thank You”, who is on a journey from one heart to the next. On his way, “Small Thank You” starts to have doubts, and his initial enthusiasm and self-confidence begin to erode, slowly turning to dejectedness. He attempts to live up to the ideas of others about what “Thank You” means. Not until he recognizes is true nature , though, does he finally complete his mission happily.

“Das kleine Dankeschön” is lovingly written, funny and touching book project by Angela and Lydia Nassal. We too would like to express our heartfelt thanks, because Nassall Verlag is supporting the humanitarian initiative BKB Charity with EUR 1 for each copy sold.

The book will be available from Nassall Verlag as of September 7, 2017 and can be ordered at your local bookstore under ISBN 978-3-928711-11-1  or better yet, online from the publisher  directly at www.nassall-verlag.de. Orders are being accepted from the online shop, by phone or by e-mail.

“Das kleine Dankeschön” at the Frankfurt Book Fair 2017.

“Das kleine Dankeschön” is being introduced to interested readers and a large professional audience at the Frankfurt Book Fair (October 11 – 15, 2017) at the joint booth “Livro – titles from independent and self-publishers” in Hall 3.1.


Donation Campaign SKM Hospital

Thanks to all supporters!

The donation campaign for the SKM Hospital in Nepal has been successfully completed. A total of 13,000 Euros was collected.

One of the poorest countries in the world is the Himalayan State of Nepal, which is still with greatest humanitarian needs since the heavy earthquake series in 2015. Especially children suffer terribly from the consequences of their injuries. The SKM Hospital in Sankhu in the Kathmandu Valley faces this challenge and partly treats the poorest of the poor completely free of charge. The humanitarian initiative BKB Charity supports the Sushma Koirala Memorial (SKM) Hospital in the medical care of these people.

Specialists (e.g. for plastic surgery) – mainly from Germany – provide treatment in the SKM Hospital, among others for burns, complicated fragmented breaks, and severe traumas. Furthermore, these medical specialists provide training and further education for the medical staff on site, so that the Nepalese doctors even master the hospital day in the absence of foreign experts.

In order to finance, among others, a new anaesthesia device for SKM Hospital, the Junge Oper Rhein-Main for BKB Charity had very successfully launched a crowdfunding campaign at www.startnext.com/nepal-bkbcharity.

Our sincere thanks are with all our donors!

We would like to thank the Junge Oper Rhein-Main and especially all donors and supporters by name:

Musica Donata – Augsburg; Stefan Becker; Gila Bettag; Regine, Margarete Bettag; Susanne Blume; Birte Borchers; Heike Brauner; Antje Breit; Barbara Cornelissen; Marcus Dahm; Ines Dietrich; Diemo Dorfschmidt; Daniel Drubig; Fritz Fahrländer; Astrid Fromm; Christina Globke; Roland Göttel; Bärbel Grade; Carmen Hamelmann; Marlene Hammann; Florian Heinz; Dirk Heiter; Felix Herrmann; Stefanie Hoffmann; Roy Johannisson; Martina Jutz; Dieter Komendera; Michaela Lemm; Enrico Leps; Maxie Lutze; Mariia Magdich; Gabriele Mohnhaupt; Martin Nacke; Miriam Nagel; Werner Neugebauer; Claudia Neumann; Katharina Nieß; Cornelia Noll; Sonja Noll; Wolfgang and Christine Petri; Helena Ponstein; Anneliese Röhrßen; Friedrich Rohm; Tanja Scheffer; Antje Schuett-Fahrenkrog; Matthias Schulte; Malte Schwarz; Kathi and Martin Schuster; Hedwig Strack; Martin Strack; Patrick Triemer; Hans Tuschling; Berthold Wehmhörner; Charsten Wienbreyer; Andreas Wigand; Anja Wigand.

Only the commitment of these many people enabled the success of the campaign!



BKB Charity at the National Model United Nations

ISM students spread the word for BKB Charity at the National Model United Nations (NMUN) in New York.

A delegation of 15 students from the International School of Management (ISM) took part in the National Model United Nations (NMUN), the largest and most historic event of its kind at the United Nations headquarters in the heart of New York. In their luggage: a heart for BKB Charity.

Functions, method and challenges – the National Model United Nations (NMUN) is the representation of international political negotiations dealing with current global issues. In April 2017, this was the meeting place for over 5,000 ambitious and politically active students from around 120 countries to discuss current global issues and develop possible solutions.

Issues which were formulated as resolutions at the end of the conference included refugee policy, equal rights and the “World-Food-Programme”. In all the committees in which the ISM was represented, the question was raised to what extent NGOs (non-governmental organisations), such as the humanitarian initiative BKB Charity, should play a role in the operative measures of the respective resolutions. The committees were consistently reminded by all the countries of the great importance of these organisations with regard to their reach, know-how and specialisations. It is clear that NGOs should have a greater say in dialogue concerning state-controlled and/or transnational aid, in order to significantly increase the efficiency of these essential volunteer organisations as well as their visibility in the public eye. Thanks to their good knowledge of the BKB Charity and its diverse humanitarian projects, the ISM delegates were able to name several practical examples to support this reasoning and thus present the case with great passion and conviction.

Furthermore, the highly-motivated ISM students took every available opportunity to bring the German initiative to people’s attention. Under the motto “The heart of BKB Charity will be with us in New York”, they released BKB Charity’s heart-shaped balloons in the assembly hall as well as on the streets and open spaces of New York and provided passers-by with more detailed information about the globally active humanitarian initiative BKB Charity.



The 15 delegates from the International School of Management took part in the National Model United Nations as Hungarian representatives and were involved in 8 committees. Putting BKB Charity in the spotlight helped to emphasise the importance and benefits of working hand in hand with non-governmental organisations (NGOs).


The ISM team also presented the heart of BKB Charity outside the framework of the conference. On streets and open spaces around New York, the students handed out heart-shaped balloons and provided information about the humanitarian initiative of the Gelsenkirchen hospital.


After 5 action-packed days and plenty of impressions of the UN’s work, the “BKB Charity delegation” from the ISM can look back on some beneficial discussions with regard to international collaboration as well as a successful support campaign for the BKB Charity initiative.

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