Impressions of the first JKPB concert

BKB Charity | Berlin, July 3rd, 2015: With their first public concert, the newly formed ‘Junge Kammerphilharmonie Berlin’ supports the humanitarian campaign ‘BKB Charity’. Themed ‚Our hospital helps Nepal’s children’, the BKB charity campaign aims to help the Nepalese children who were hit by a series of major earthquakes. We give material assistance and offer medical care as well as curative treatment in the BKB children’s hospital in Gelsenkirchen.

The audience in the Berlin chamber music hall experiences a fantastic first performance of the young and dedicated orchestra, which played at the highest musical level conducted by Aurélien Bello. The program includes Sergei Prokofjev, Symphony Nr. 1 D-Dur op. 25 ‚Symphonie classique“, Richard Strauss, concerto for oboe and small orchestra D-Dur as well as Ludwig van Beethoven, Symphony Nr. 7 D-Dur op. 92.