Patricia Kelly commits herself to BKB Charity

Starting April 2016, Patricia Kelly will go on tour with her new solo album “Grace & Kelly” and her official music video “They Cut Me Down” and support BKB Charity at the same time.

During the course of her visit at Bergmannsheil und Kinderklinik Buer (BKB) in Gelsenkirchen, Patricia Kelly and her film team shot a few scenes for her new music video “They Cut Me Down” on the helicopter pad. In the spontaneous interview that followed, she gave interesting insights in the creation of her music, referred to the production of her new CD and clarified for her fans her commitment to the aid projects of our humanitarian initiative BKB Charity.

As singer, songwriter and manager Patricia Kelly with the legendary “Kelly Family” experienced for three decades virtually every success one can wish for in the music industry. 48 Gold and platinum records, stadiums with up to 280,000 enthusiastic fans, TV appearances worldwide as well as almost all possible awards and prizes a musician can obtain. Beyond commercial considerations, Patricia Kelly as solo artist nowadays allows herself to focus more than ever on her musical feeling.

As of 25.03.2016, her new album „Grace & Kelly“ will be available in stores and for download.

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