Nut wedges for Charity.

Nuremberg-based Nut wedges Manufacturer Kai Küfner and BKB Charity launch mutual aid projects for humanitarian institutions in Nepal and Tanzania. Meister Küfner bakes BKB-Charity-Nut wedges for one season, of which a part of the proceeds from direct sales goes to charitable hospitals in both countries.

The Sushma Koirala Memorial Hospital in Nepal will be supported and will treat the poorest of the poor, especially children, free of charge. The aid in Tanzania is intended for the Nkoaranga Hospital (project “Feuerkinder”), where children suffering from burns or severe bone deformities are also operated on free of charge.

The Nut wedges by Meister Küfner are known in Nuremberg – and far beyond – for their high quality and unique taste. We hope for a successful campaign for the two aid projects.

Further information on the facilities in Nepal and Tanzania: |