Cooperation Enactus Aachen and BKB Charity.

Helping together: BKB Charity is pleased about the new strategic partnership with the association Enactus Aachen. The humanitarian, social and ecological aid projects of both organisations will clearly benefit from this bundling of forces.

The new partner Enactus Aachen e.V. is part of one of the largest student organisations in the world. The association members, talented students of the RWTH and FH Aachen have made it their task to enable people in need to improve their living conditions economically, socially and environmentally in a sustainable way through social-entrepreneurial projects. Together with other non-profit associations, professorships, committed companies and individuals, Enactus Aachen develops visionary entrepreneurial projects on an international level which, through sustainable and ecologically pioneering structures, bring long-term economic benefits to the needy target groups and provide help for self-help.

The new strategic partnership is the logical continuation of an already very successful cooperation with Enactus Aachen in the past. With the support of BKB Charity, two aid projects were successfully implemented in Africa.

In the “Samaki” project, a new type of fish farming system was implemented in combination with vegetable cultivation in the fight against malnutrition in the rural population of Uganda, which does not otherwise require direct access to existing waters. In the “Recycoal” project in Rwanda, biochar is extracted from municipal waste. This biochar serves as a substitute for the charcoal otherwise produced from felled trees. By avoiding further deforestation of the rainforest, the environment is helped and the better emission values of the biochar ensure less polluted breathing air for the people.

Further information about Enactus Aachen e.V.: enactus.de/aachen