Self-made Climate Rescue: Agroforestry project in the Brazilian rainforest.

In cooperation with Catus AG Vermögensverwaltung, BKB Charity is sponsoring an agroforestry project of the “Self-made Climate Rescue” initiative in the Brazilian rainforest.

This climate protection project involves reforesting areas of rainforest that have previously fallen victim to chainsaws and fire. The special feature of the agroforestry principle is that trees from the rainforest are cultivated together with crops to create forests that can also be used sustainably for agriculture. Agroforests not only bind enormous amounts of CO2, they also protect water and soil, preserve biodiversity and, through agricultural use, help local small farmers to establish a long-term livelihood.

With this intelligent combination of ecological and social benefits, the people, our local partners, are actually living sustainability at its best.

In the picture: Anatol Gunkel and Polly Di Brito, “Self-made Climate Rescue” initiative