Samaki Project Uganda: Further facilities for fish farming and vegetable cultivation.

After two years of operation of the first Samaki plant for fish farming and vegetable cultivation in Uganda, our partner Enactus Aachen e.V. is now working on the multiplication of the concept. The efficiency and capacity of the system will be increased and further plants will be built to supply more people with fresh fish and vegetables in the long run.

The technical and logistical challenges will be analysed with the help of the Research Institute for Ecosystem Analysis and Assessment e.V. in a parallel facility directly at the Aachen site. All findings and results then form the basis for further project implementations in the most remote regions of the African continent.

Background on Samaki: In a plant powered by solar energy in a regenerative and sustainable manner, fish can be bred and vegetables grown at the same time via a special water cycle – without the otherwise necessary access to existing waters. With help for self-help, people in developing regions are thus given the opportunity to create work and sources of income for themselves and third parties and to counteract malnutrition. Samaki is a project of the student organisation Enactus Aachen e.V. supported by BKB Charity.



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