Book Project: Flüchtlingszeit

Fluchtweg Fünfundzwanzig (Escape Route Twenty-five) – a book published by Flüchtlingszeit e.V., supported by BKB Charity.

For two years, volunteer workers in Karlsruhe have been talking continually to asylum seekers. From these conversations, they compiled the experiences and life stories of newcomers. For their book project „Flüchtlingszeit“ students of the Institute of Technology in Karlsruhe documented the moving experiences they had in taking part in the life of strangers who have suffered a bitter fate. Supported by donations as well as with assistance from BKB Charity they created the book “Fluchtweg Fünfundzwanzig”.

The book „Fluchtweg Fünfundzwanzig“ does not evaluate experiences gained or include own opinions but is rather a plea to get your own impression about the refugees and their situation in our refugee centers. Just as varied as the life stories in the book was the compilation of texts where asylum seekers themselves participated.

From the epilogue of Minister of State Aydan Özoğuz, Federal Commissioner for Migration, Refugees and Integration: “I am glad that there are such outstanding and creative initiatives from young students who devote themselves to a conscious and sensitive interaction with people in need of protection in our society!”

BKB Charity is committed to the health care of refugees and beyond that to the entire issue of the refugees and promotes the publication and distribution of the book “Fluchtweg Fünfundzwanzig”.

Gerald Asamoah, goodwill ambassador of theFC Schalke 04 soccer club, recommends „Fluchtweg Fünfundzwanzig

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