For the social participation of disadvantaged persons

We provide support for disadvantaged persons and those who, for whatever reason, have been completely or partially excluded from society through innovative social projects and approaches which lead to an improvement in the lives of these people. It is our aim to provide persons of all age groups – children as well as elderly people – with opportunities to become more involved in society. This includes good living and housing conditions, health care, access to education and employment as well as opportunities for leisure and personal fulfilment.

Cultural participation in the areas of art, music, theatre and dance is an important part of our project work in order to create equal opportunities which contribute to promoting personal development as well as the sense of social belonging and satisfaction.

Charity CD: Steven Morrys

With the album „Debüt | Charity Edition“, BKB Charity produces their first music CD together with singer and song writer Steven Morrys. We would like to thank Steven Morrys who has kindly made his songs available for this Charity Edition. The proceeds of the sale of this CD will be for the benefit of the humanitarian BKB Charity Initiative.

Steven Morrys „Debüt | Charity Edition“

Steven Morrys’ musical style is hard to define – somewhere between neofolk, blues, soul, indie and pop with a dash of funk. His voice transports us from every day life into stillness and back again. His music, interpreted both in German and English, is a storybook of his life and reflects his yearnings, his desires and his experiences. I don’t fit into a certain category“, he remarks about his music and listening to the songs in his album “Debüt” it would indeed be difficult to find in which drawer to sort him. The wide range of his music is as varied as a 10-course menu and yet it is always the voice of Steve Morrys and his true-to-life lyrics that create the common element.


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Our work in refugee aid

True to our humanitarian approach, we help people in need and are committed to implementing effective measures to help refugees and displaced persons who are seeking sanctuary from persecution and war.

It is BKB Charity’s sole purpose to provide people – irrespective of their background or religion – with the necessary support in order to alleviate their needs to the best of our ability. We always aim to respond flexibly to the individual cases of need presented to us.
This includes working together with other organisations pursuing similar approaches to aid in order to develop wide-ranging measures for effective refugee aid. These range from medical care and emotional support to integration supervision and the publication of factual information and presentation of problematic issues to the public.


Book Project: Flüchtlingszeit

Fluchtweg Fünfundzwanzig (Escape Route Twenty-five) – a book published by Flüchtlingszeit e.V., supported by BKB Charity.

For two years, volunteer workers in Karlsruhe have been talking continually to asylum seekers. From these conversations, they compiled the experiences and life stories of newcomers. For their book project „Flüchtlingszeit“ students of the Institute of Technology in Karlsruhe documented the moving experiences they had in taking part in the life of strangers who have suffered a bitter fate. Supported by donations as well as with assistance from BKB Charity they created the book “Fluchtweg Fünfundzwanzig”.

The book „Fluchtweg Fünfundzwanzig“ does not evaluate experiences gained or include own opinions but is rather a plea to get your own impression about the refugees and their situation in our refugee centers. Just as varied as the life stories in the book was the compilation of texts where asylum seekers themselves participated.

From the epilogue of Minister of State Aydan Özoğuz, Federal Commissioner for Migration, Refugees and Integration: “I am glad that there are such outstanding and creative initiatives from young students who devote themselves to a conscious and sensitive interaction with people in need of protection in our society!”

BKB Charity is committed to the health care of refugees and beyond that to the entire issue of the refugees and promotes the publication and distribution of the book “Fluchtweg Fünfundzwanzig”.

Gerald Asamoah, goodwill ambassador of theFC Schalke 04 soccer club, recommends „Fluchtweg Fünfundzwanzig

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Nepal Film Project: The SKM Hospital in Sankhu

Maintaining the cooperation between BKB Charity and the Young Opera Rhein-Main, a film team consisting of Manuela Strack and Dr. Björn Rodday travelled to Nepal and visited the Sushma Koirala Memorial (SKM) Hospital. The hospital is located in a small town called Sankhu and is supported by BKB Charity and German physicians. The film will allow an insight into the work on site and into the situation of SKM hospital after the devastating series of earthquakes that struck Nepal in 2015.

Virtually everywhere in Nepal one can see the catastrophic destruction caused by the severe earthquakes during spring 2015. Only a few houses could be rebuilt so far. Many people must continue to live in tents and corrugated iron-huts or in emergency shelters.

Also, in November 2015 the country had already been suffering for months from a blockade of the border crossing to neighbouring India. As a result, there was a severe shortage of gas, gasoline and important medical supplies throughout Nepal. People were cooking and warming themselves over wood fires in front of their houses.

Most people do not have the financial means for medical care. Especially children are suffering from this situation. The SKM Hospital meets this challenge so that the poorest of the poor can be treated wholly or partly free of charge. This commitment is only possible through donations and support from abroad – by organizations and initiatives such as BKB Charity.


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Aid for children and youths

Children and youths have always been the focus of the humanitarian and social activities of our charity. We place particular emphasis on helping the smallest and most vulnerable members of our society.

This includes support for children and youths who have been neglected, maltreated or sexually abused, alleviating distress and suffering as best as possible by providing on-site assistance in regions affected by conflict and disaster as well as providing long-term support to victims in order to give many physically and emotionally harmed children and youths a better perspective for the future. At present, the main focus of BKB Charity’s work is on helping needy children in Nepal, who are still suffering from the health, emotional and infrastructural effects of a series of major earthquakes.