The BKB Charity Initiative.

BKB Charity is a humanitarian and social initiative that is supported by many different cooperation partners and sponsors, and is legally organised and accounted for by Change Consulting GmbH. BKB Charity stands for humanitarian, social and societal responsibility, for tolerance and fairness and against violence and discrimination.

With wide-ranging activities organised and supported by dedicated people from the entire social spectrum, BKB Charity implements and promotes diverse aid projects for people in need, especially children and youths, in Germany and throughout the world. Thanks to the special support offered by musicians as well as various other artists and public figures, it is possible to generate the necessary high level of attention and create an outstanding and motivating framework for connecting those social groups and persons who play a decisive role in the respective aid projects.

The new organisation and structure of the BKB Charity initiative, in place since the beginning of 2018, will allow future charity activities to be generated from a broader base and enable all participants, sponsors and cooperation partners to link up with their previous charity activities.

Current aid projects:

  • BKB Charity is committed to supporting children and youths who have been neglected, maltreated or sexually abused, and helps in crisis and disaster areas.
  • BKB Charity also provides support in the area of social and integrative measures for refugees.
  • BKB Charity is engaged in innovative social projects and approaches for encouraging the social participation of disadvantaged persons.

About Change Consulting:

BETTER KIND of BUSINESS development (BKB) – based on this motto and in cooperation with the BKB Charity initiative, Change Consulting GmbH works together with its cooperation partners and supporters to create a special interface between socially committed business enterprises and those people, associations and organisations who work directly in charitable initiatives. It is these cooperation partners and supporters, especially those from the field of art and culture, who play an important role in providing the links between the various social groups.