Dancing against poverty and violence.

BKB Charity supports the social commitment of the dance school “Instituto Katiana Pena” in Brazil.

Bom Jardim is the name of a district marked by poverty, violence and crime on the outskirts of Fortaleza, a city of millions in northeastern Brazil. Katiana Pena and her team have been helping children and young people to escape the lack of prospects at this social hotspot for years. In the dance school of the same name, Instituto Katiana Pena, more than 500 young people are already learning to create courage and hope and to improve their living conditions in a community of art and culture. Regular trips and performances in the region create new horizons and offer the opportunity to escape from the difficult environment.

BKB Charity supports the work of Katiana Pena and plans a further future cooperation in different areas. At Christmas time, for example, BKB Charity was involved in financing food packages for needy members of the dance school whose parents have little money to support their families. The aid packages included a variety of basic foodstuffs for the joy of the children as well as Christmas treats.

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