BKB Charity |Conversation with JKPB conductor Aurélien Bello

The After Show Party at the panorama point Berlin, immediately after the first public concert of the newly formed ‘Junge Kammerphilharmonie Berlin’, gave an opportunity to conductor Aurélien Bello and Dr. med. Gerrit Lautner of the Bergmannsheil und Kinderklinik Buer (BKB) to draw a very positive conclusion. Dr.Lautner congratulates Mr. Bello on the great kick-off concert in the chamber music hall of the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra and the very successful charity event for the benefit of the aid project ‘Our clinic helps Nepal’s children’. Mr. Bello, proud of the fantastic performance of the young orchestra, looks forward to many other joint activities together with the humanitarian initiative BKB Charity.
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