Welcoming speech from patron Franz Müntefering

All of us need help from time to time. It is nothing to be ashamed about. The necessary support is provided by our welfare state and civil society. And while the system might not be perfect, it is generally intact and better than ever before – in terms of laws and insurance schemes, social facilities and the support available from full-time and volunteer workers. I raise my hat to those involved. Day after day. In addition to these needs, however, there are also many people who require special care and assistance in particularly difficult situations. In cases of natural disasters, violence against the weak, child abuse, expulsion and persecution. Special help is then called for – and it has to be quick, competent, and sometimes unconventional. The Bergmannsheil und Kinderklinik Buer gGmbH is one such helper that attracted my attention. And to which I would like to pledge my support with clear words:

Solidarity is what cements our society – help and be helped. In its organised form, solidarity can be particularly effective. Within the professional and intact framework of a service provider’s organisation, the men and women who specialise in this kind of work can concentrate on providing effective aid where it is most needed.

The charity initiative of the Bergmannsheil und Kinderklinik Buer gGmbH association in Gelsenkirchen has a proud tradition in the Ruhr region, and deserves our full support in its commitment to helping the needy in such situations. The need is great, and beyond the aid which we have been able to provide in the past. I am pleased to accept the invitation and support the remarkable commitment of this charity initiative with my patronage. It is all about providing real people with real help and solidarity in a professional manner. The miner’s tradition extended to the world of today. Help that arrives.

Join us!

Franz Müntefering

BKB Charity Initiative