Film Project StratoX360 for BKB Charity

In October 2016, the StratoX360 team of 7 young people will be sending a special weather balloon equipped with six cameras up to an altitude of 35 kilometres in order to record an 8K spherical video where free camera perspective turning is possible. This virtual trip into the stratosphere can be made even more special by wearing virtual reality glasses.

The view of our planet from this height is fascinating and breathtaking. Viewed from a distance, the Earth can been seen from its unique and overwhelmingly beautiful, but also vulnerable side.

The aim of the film project StratoX360 is to offer as many interested people as possible the opportunity to enjoy a virtual trip into the stratosphere and experience an extraordinary 360 degree view of our planet. This remarkable perspective also provides a great opportunity to stop and reflect on our blue planet.

StratoX360: A view of the world for BKB Charity

The StratoX360 team has dedicated its film project to the humanitarian initiative BKB Charity. The aim is to make as many people as possible aware of the worldwide aid projects of this charity.