Self-made Climate Rescue! Agroforestry – turning point for people and climate?

Anatol Gunkel and Polly Di Brito from Klimaretten-Selbermachen e.V. are cooperation partners of the BKB Charity and are on a lecture tour in Germany. They will be presenting their agroforestry project in Brazil – a special project for reforesting the rainforest through sustainable agriculture for people and the climate – at Advicon AG in Munich and the Rotary Club of Aachen, among others, during exciting information events.

They are developing a model project there and are themselves demonstrating how new trees are replanted on cleared areas in the rainforest and additionally cultivated together with crops, so that agriculturally productive forests are created.

Under the motto “Agroforestry – a turning point for people and the climate?”, Anatol Gunkel and Polly Di Brito will be demonstrating how the newly created forest not only binds enormous amounts of CO2, but also how the fruits of the crops grown using this special reforestation method simultaneously create a long-term livelihood for local smallholders.

BKB Charity supports

 Klimaretten-Selbermachen in partnership with the auditing company Advicon AG in Munich.




Blues Brothers – the Musical

The Blues Brothers are on the road again for a good cause. The ensemble led by Philipp Lang, Claudia Thao and Florian Hinxlage brings the legendary Blues Brothers back to the stage in a fast-paced new production. The cult film as a musical! With live band and all the hits!

The film comedy “The Blues Brothers” starring John Belushi and Dan Aykroyd conquered the cinemas in 1980. In the stage version, too, the two shrewd crooks in black suits and black sunglasses want to make music to save an orphanage. In the process, they fall from one fiasco to the next.

As in the film, our Blues Brothers are of course also committed to a good cause and are launching a call for donations for an aid project supported by the BKB Charity Initiative in cooperation with Catus AG Vermögensverwaltung at the musical premiere.

The proceeds of the donation will go to Friedensdorf International, which urgently needs medical supplies to treat children from war and crisis zones who have no chance of medical help in their home countries.

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Gustav Mahler: Lied von der Erde

Dialogue of the different

Mahler’s “Lied von der Erde” (1908), a work for large orchestra and two voices, one about life and death, youth and old age, day and night, intoxication and internalization, combines Western composing with a strange Far Eastern sound world. Mahler’s work is juxtaposed with three solo compositions commissioned especially for this project. Dialogue of the different – Mahler’s theme becomes the focus of this intercultural German-Japanese concert project.

Under the direction of Aurélien Bello, an orchestral ensemble of students and teachers from the Berlin Philharmonic (the Junge Kammerphilharmonie Berlin + guests from Germany and Japan) will perform the work at various locations in cooperation with BKB Charity. The tour begins in 2019 in Germany, in the year of the 25th anniversary of the city partnership between Berlin and Tokyo, in the Philharmonie Berlin. In 2020, the concert route will then lead to Japan.

This top-class German-Japanese orchestra project is supported by Michelle Müntefering, Minister of State for International Cultural Policy. The patron is Prof. Monika Grütters, Minister of State for Culture and Media.

Further information: www.liedvondererde.de, www.jkp.berlin

Video clips of the concert


UWAGA! Charity concert in Münster

Thanks to the fabulous support of the Jovel Music Hall, crossover band UWAGA! is holding a charity concert for the “24h Münster” theatre event and the humanitarian and social initiative “BKB Charity”.

A virtuoso classical violinist with a love of Eastern European gypsy music, a jazz fiddle player with punk rock experience, a superb improvising accordionist with a Balkan sound in his blood, and a bassist that feels just as at home in a symphony orchestra as in a jazz band or funk band – those are the members of the crossover band UWAGA!

Reckless creativity, dizzying tempos, a thrilling performance, and the improper, almost audacious handling of classical instruments and cultural heritage  – the range within which Christoph König, Maurice Maurer, Miroslav Nisic and Matthias Hacker move is rather appropriately delineated.

With a refreshing mix of excessive musicality and stylistic impartiality, UWAGA! celebrates success around the world: Be it in the Konzerthaus Dortmund, at the expo in Shanghai, or in the Grand Hall of the St. Petersburg Philharmonic Orchestra.

“Influenced by a wide range of backgrounds between classic, jazz, pop and world music, they break down passionate music styles into their individual components, use these to create new musical worlds, and give their audience ecstatic entertainment.” (Passauer Neue Presse)

BKB Charity would like to warmly thank all of those involved in this unique charity concert. Jovel Music Hall is set to shake!

Further information: www.uwagaquartett.de | www.jovel.de | www.24h-ms.de


Video clips of the concert


24 hour Münster – Theatre Event 2018

“24 hour Münster” supports BKB Charity with an unusual theatre marathon.

24 hour Münster involves 24 different theatre pieces and stories in one, presented by more than 50 different theatre players. At hourly intervals the audiences at five stages and on five dates in October and November can together dive into what Münster has at its heart: its people and their history.

Under the patronage of Klaus Brinkbäumer (Editor-in-Chief DER SPIEGEL) and Leonard Lansink (alias Wilsberg), players from all theatres and Münster’s independent scene are working together for the first time. The jam-packed events on stage for this marathon event create a new, surprising, and perhaps never before seen reality of Münster.

Further information: www.24h-ms.de | www.facebook.com/24hMS

Seevideo gallery 24 hour Münster theatre marathon”


Nippon Connection – 17th Japanese Film Festival & BKB Charity

Nippon Connection for BKB Charity: the 17th Japanese Film Festival in Frankfurt am Main is committed to a good cause, with the organisers offering large-scale support for their new cooperation partner BKB Charity. The festival represents the largest platform for Japanese cinema in the world and will therefore offer the humanitarian initiative BKB Charity publicity on a large and international scale.

The film festival will take place in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, from May 23 to 28, 2017. Throughout six festival days the biggest festival for Japanese film worldwide will present more than 100 short and long feature films, including many German, European, and world premieres. The program consists of independent films as well as blockbusters, anime, and documentaries. Nippon Connection places particular importance on providing an exchange between filmmakers and audience. Many renowned film directors, actors/actresses and producers will be introducing their films in person and answering questions from the audience. Creative artists from other areas will also be in attendance in order to present their works.

The accompanying cultural programme is just as diverse as the film programme. The activities on offer will span a broad spectrum from Japanese tradition to modern pop culture: tea ceremonies, cooking courses, Shiatsu massage, performances, exhibitions, workshops, lectures, panel discussions, parties with Japanese DJs and bands, karaoke and much more. There will be some delicious food on offer from the various bars and stalls, including sushi, noodle soups and other Japanese delicacies. There will also be a separate programme for children with the “Nippon Kids”.
The festival is sponsored by the Japanese Consul General Takeshi Kamiyama as well as Frankfurt’s Mayor Peter Feldmann.
Festival programme

More information: www.nipponconnection.com


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Charity Opera Gala for Hospital in Nepal

A musical evening full of highlights from opera and operetta with the singers Manuela Strack and Katharina Nieß, accompanied by the concert pianist Lukas Ziesché.

The Junge Oper Rhein-Main is organising a charity concert for the benefit of SKM Hospital in Sanklu, Nepal. The region, which was affected worst by the major earthquakes in 2015, still suffers from the devastating consequences of the natural disaster. The SKM Hospital helps the poorest of the poor, especially the needy children, for example through free surgical treatment of complicated bone fractures, burns or congenital malformations.

The members of the ensemble and opera singers of Junge Oper Rhein-Main Katharina Nieß and Manuela Strack will present songs as well as arias and duets from opera and operetta. They will be supported on the piano by the choir director and concert pianist of Junge Oper Rhein-Main, Lukas Zisché.

The concert will feature pieces by Guiseppe Verdi, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Franz Lehàr, Johann Strauß, and many others, as well as songs by Johannes Brahms, Robert Schumann, and others.

The entrance to the Opera Gala is free of charge. The donation following the concert will specifically provide funding for urgently needed hospital equipment. In addition, the money will benefit the treatment of traumatised people suffering from the effects of serious injuries in Nepal, a country which was again and again severely struck by the fate, and being one of the poorest nations in the world.

In order to finance, for example, a new anaesthesia device for the clinic, the Junge Oper Rhein-Main, in cooperation with BKB Charity, has launched a crowd-funding campaign:

More information: www.startnext.com/nepal-bkbcharity


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The Addams Family for BKB Charity

Musical Family Hanau presents their charming and humorous adaptation of the spooky comedy musical “The Addams Family”.

Originally the work of Marshall Brickman, Rick Elice and Andrew Lippa, this story based on the characters of Charles Addams and translated by Anja Hauptmann proved very popular with audiences at performances in 2015. “The Addams Family” is now back on the stage and Musical Family Hanau is supporting the BKB Charity initiative with these new performances.

Musical Family Hanau is devoted to staging musicals of a professional standard and gives opportunities to young and talented performers who put their heart and soul into their singing, dancing and acting.

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Maria Stuarda – Opera Tour for BKB Charity

In the current season the Junge Oper Rhein-Main company  is once again actively engaged with its opera tour for BKB Charity. This time the company will present a classic Italian belcanto opera: Donizetti’s adaptation of Schiller’s famous Maria Stuart drama, which had its first performance at the Teatro alla Scala in Milan in 1853.

The Scottish Queen Maria Stuart, outcast by her own people, has been kept imprisoned by her cousin Elisabeth I., Queen of England for 18 years. Her favourite, the Earl of Leicester, desperately loves Maria and pleads with Elisabeth for her. In the end a meeting of both queens is arranged: Since the proud Elisabeth scoffs at her adversary,  despite Leicester’s prior warning Maria loses her nerve. Instead of pleading for mercy, she insults her royal cousin. After long hesitation and enraged by Leicester’s disloyalty, Elisabeth finally signs the death warrant.

The public can look forward to an exciting opera evening with the Junge Oper Rhein-Main company this year as well . The aspiring stage performers and musicians play and make music at the highest level and ensure an unforgettable opera experience.

Further information: www.jungeoperrheinmain.de


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“12 Yards – your Game begins!“ is a musical and dance theater performance of the Lukulele e.V. benefiting the BKB Charity Initiative.

Following the successful performances at the Young Star Festival in 2015, the young Hamburg based director Mable Preach comes back to the Kampnagel stage with Lukulele “12 Yards – your Game begins!” Fifty young Hamburg people aged between 13 and 25 years are on stage and rock the house.

“12-Yards” – that is the test of courage for freshmen at College. Whoever wants to be part of the clique cannot avoid this initiation ritual. The arising conflicts and whether and how it is possible to stay true to yourself under this pressure and find your own way are the key issues of this play.

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