Charity CD: Steven Morrys

With the album „Debüt | Charity Edition“, BKB Charity produces their first music CD together with singer and song writer Steven Morrys. We would like to thank Steven Morrys who has kindly made his songs available for this Charity Edition. The proceeds of the sale of this CD will be for the benefit of the humanitarian BKB Charity Initiative.

Steven Morrys „Debüt | Charity Edition“

Steven Morrys’ musical style is hard to define – somewhere between neofolk, blues, soul, indie and pop with a dash of funk. His voice transports us from every day life into stillness and back again. His music, interpreted both in German and English, is a storybook of his life and reflects his yearnings, his desires and his experiences. I don’t fit into a certain category“, he remarks about his music and listening to the songs in his album “Debüt” it would indeed be difficult to find in which drawer to sort him. The wide range of his music is as varied as a 10-course menu and yet it is always the voice of Steve Morrys and his true-to-life lyrics that create the common element.