BKB Charity at the National Model United Nations

ISM students spread the word for BKB Charity at the National Model United Nations (NMUN) in New York.

A delegation of 15 students from the International School of Management (ISM) took part in the National Model United Nations (NMUN), the largest and most historic event of its kind at the United Nations headquarters in the heart of New York. In their luggage: a heart for BKB Charity.

Functions, method and challenges – the National Model United Nations (NMUN) is the representation of international political negotiations dealing with current global issues. In April 2017, this was the meeting place for over 5,000 ambitious and politically active students from around 120 countries to discuss current global issues and develop possible solutions.

Issues which were formulated as resolutions at the end of the conference included refugee policy, equal rights and the “World-Food-Programme”. In all the committees in which the ISM was represented, the question was raised to what extent NGOs (non-governmental organisations), such as the humanitarian initiative BKB Charity, should play a role in the operative measures of the respective resolutions. The committees were consistently reminded by all the countries of the great importance of these organisations with regard to their reach, know-how and specialisations. It is clear that NGOs should have a greater say in dialogue concerning state-controlled and/or transnational aid, in order to significantly increase the efficiency of these essential volunteer organisations as well as their visibility in the public eye. Thanks to their good knowledge of the BKB Charity and its diverse humanitarian projects, the ISM delegates were able to name several practical examples to support this reasoning and thus present the case with great passion and conviction.

Furthermore, the highly-motivated ISM students took every available opportunity to bring the German initiative to people’s attention. Under the motto “The heart of BKB Charity will be with us in New York”, they released BKB Charity’s heart-shaped balloons in the assembly hall as well as on the streets and open spaces of New York and provided passers-by with more detailed information about the globally active humanitarian initiative BKB Charity.



The 15 delegates from the International School of Management took part in the National Model United Nations as Hungarian representatives and were involved in 8 committees. Putting BKB Charity in the spotlight helped to emphasise the importance and benefits of working hand in hand with non-governmental organisations (NGOs).


The ISM team also presented the heart of BKB Charity outside the framework of the conference. On streets and open spaces around New York, the students handed out heart-shaped balloons and provided information about the humanitarian initiative of the Gelsenkirchen hospital.


After 5 action-packed days and plenty of impressions of the UN’s work, the “BKB Charity delegation” from the ISM can look back on some beneficial discussions with regard to international collaboration as well as a successful support campaign for the BKB Charity initiative.

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